Studies show that Osteoarthritis can be positively impacted by chiropractic adjustments. The chiropractic franchises within the Express Chiropractic & Wellness brand have licensed local chiropractors and massage therapists trained to improve the health of your joints through gentle chiropractic adjustments.

What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis, commonly referred to as OA, is the breakdown of the cartilage that can lead to issues with joint motion and resulting inflammation and pain.

As it progresses, it may lead to bone spurs. Further progression can result in the development of specific enzymes and cytokines. The deterioration in the joints can cause the bones to approximate as the joint space grows more narrow. This may result in swelling, pain, and difficulty moving the joint should the condition become severe enough.

Studies show chiropractic care can improve motion and reduce inflammation in joints that have become slightly immobile or even out of alignment resulting from OA related changes.

Furthermore, chiropractic care may also delay the deterioration changes in joints by breaking up adhesions in the stuck joints. Adhesion development in stuck joints has been linked to premature joint degeneration.

There are many creative phrases alluding to the fact that aging isn’t always easy. While you can’t change genetics passed down from a prior generation, you can eat healthily, exercise and enjoy routine chiropractic care as part of your wellness routine; reducing the odds of osteoarthritis impacting your life.

Chiropractor in Frisco Near Me

Finding a chiropractor near me can be difficult, but if you are in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, or any other surrounding areas, look no further.  At Express Chiropractic Frisco it is our goal to help you with all of your spinal health and wellness needs.  You never need an appointment and can usually be seen the same day.  For more information about us and where we are located check us out here.

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