Chiropractic for kids is gaining popularity as a natural, drug-free way to help children improve their overall health and wellness.  Kids bodies are ever changing and growing.  So what do we do and how do we do it?

Force of an adjustment for an adult

Many of you have been adjusted manually by a chiropractor before or at least seen it.  So how much force is there in an adjustment?

For adults, when using a manual, hands-on adjustment around 400 Newtons (N) of pressure is used on average.

Force of an adjustment for a child

That pressure is much different when we adjust children.  When adjusting a child under the age of one, typically around 20 N of pressure is used.  20 N equates to approximately 4.5 pounds of force.  For comparison when you type on a computer keyboard you use about 13 N of force.

Other factors when performing adjustments

But remember, every adjustment is different based on numerous different patient factors.  This includes height, weight, muscle tone, pain severity, past history, tolerance, etc.

The other important factor when performing adjustments, especially chiropractic for kids, is speed.  Not to go all physics on you, but let’s look at Newton’s Second Law.  It states that Force (F) is mass (m) times acceleration (a) or F=ma.  This is ultimately saying that by increasing the speed of the adjustment, not as much force is required.

This is where the instrument adjusting comes in.  The adjusting tools we use in our office increase speed so less pressure is needed.  This works especially well on children.

CLICK HERE for more information on chiropractic for kids from the ICPA (Internation Chiropractic Pediatric Association).

So if your child is having issues with aches and pains try chiropractic.  Feel free to bring them in and get checked at Express Chiropractic of Frisco.  And remember that we have family discounts!

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