As women experience the miraculous creation of their little one in their womb, many changes are taking place. We notice intolerance to smells, cravings, larger pant size, and even the inability to look at your own two feet.  So, how can chiropractic care during pregnancy help?

The Pelvis’s Role in Pregnancy

With all these external changes, there are even more changes inside the uterus and the mother’s body to help support both baby and mom during pregnancy. A well-balanced pelvis without any constraint is vital for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Chiropractic care during pregnancy can help keep the pelvis in alignment.

When the pelvis gets out of proper alignment, then the tension of the ligaments that attach it to the uterus increases. This may result in a tighter and more restricted uterus space making the already small space even more tight for baby.

Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy

When these misalignments are present in the pelvis, it may contribute to lengthier and tougher labor. Chiropractic adjustments set the pelvis back into alignment, decreasing the tension and torsion of the pelvis and its ligaments. With more room to move the baby can descend to the optimal position for birth.

It is crucial to address any interference to the nervous system for mom’s physiology to be at its best throughout the pregnancy and labor. This interference can be removed through the adjustment, allowing the baby to continue to develop optimally and thrive.  By utilizing chiropractic care during pregnancy the goal is to keep mom and baby in good positions. This can help allow for as smooth of a delivery as possible.

The Webster Technique is the most common type of adjustment protocol used on pregnant patients.  Click here to find out more.

Prenatal Adjustments at Express Chiropractic Frisco

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