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Wellness Club Membership at Express Chiropractic of Frisco
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The Express Chiropractic Wellness Club is a cost effective way to keep the whole family well adjusted

A well adjusted spine is rapidly becoming more recognized as an important component to better health.

From hunching over computers to injuries and even the daily stress of life, it’s no secret that our spines take a beating day in and day out.

The Express Chiropractic Wellness Club makes regular spine checkups a snap.

For one monthly cost you gain access to the chiropractic care you need, whether it is 3 visits a month or a couple visits a week.

Maintenance Plan


Up to 3 Chiropractic Visits per Month

Maintenance Plan

The Maintenance Plan* provides access to that periodic adjustment you need to help keep your spine functioning better thereby reducing interference to your nervous system. While most people benefit from a spine check every 10 days to 2 weeks, you can use the visits any time you need throughout the month.

The Maintenance Plan includes 3 visits a month for one low price and includes additional benefits such as:

  • Just $19 for any additional visit needed beyond the 3 included
  • A discount of 30% off the full priced MRT services
  • Up to 20% off on Biofreeze, heat packs, cold packs and more
  • You can add an additional family member for just $30 and more at just $20 each

FreedomFlex Plan


Chiropractic Access Whenever you Need It

FreedomFlex Plan

If your body is in need of more care or you just want the Freedom and Flexibility of knowing you can come in for a check up as needed, then the FreedomFlex Plan* is the answer. While the doctor will review a recommended treatment schedule with you for maximum benefit, with this monthly plan you are able to drop up to eight visits per month… and all for one low price of $79.

Additional benefits include:

  • 30% off full priced spot massage services
  • 10-20% off products such as ice packs, heat packs, biofreeze and more
  • Add additional family members at a discount

* No long term contracts.  Maintenance Plan includes up to 3 visits per month. The FreedomFlex Plan includes up to 8 visits per month.

Corporate Plan

Up to 3 Chiropractic Visits per Month

Corporate Plan

Keep your workforce in tip top shape. Research shows that well adjusted employees take less time off and are happier and more productive at their job.

The Wellness Club Corporate Plan provides employers a simple cost conscious way to give their valued employees access to maintenance chiropractic care to help keep their spine well aligned and moving optimally.

Each employee that you add to your Corporate Plan will have access to 3 visits per month and additional benefits as described in the Maintenance Plan above. Visits can be used close together or spread out for preventative care.

  • Employees 1-9: $39/month per person
  • Employees 10-19: $29/month per person
  • Employees 20+: $19/month per person

Want the Unlimited Plan for your employees? Give us a call for pricing and additional information.

Important Note: With some work comp insurance plans, employers may get a discount on premiums by having a preventative wellness plan like the Wellness Club Corporate Plan. Check with your carrier to see if you qualify.

Excludes on the job OSHA recordable injuries or other 3rd party liability work comp related injuries.