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At Express Chiropractic & Wellness (Express Chiropractic, LLC) our goal is to ensure that
confidentiality of your personal information is upheld.

Because of our commitment, it vitally important for you to understand how we collect, disclose
and make use of your personal information.

Please read our privacy policies as outlined below.

-Any data collected will only be used only for the intent as is outlined to your prior to providing
your information.

-Your personal information will not be shared with others and Express Chiropractic, LLC will
take reasonable steps to safeguard and protect your information against theft or any unauthorized

-We will always make the information about our policies available for you to review.

-We will make reasonable attempts to ensure you are aware of the purpose for collecting your
information and how it will be used.

-Your information will only be kept and used within the capacity outlined to you.

Should you have any questions, contact us through our website below:

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