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Questions about chiropractic and massage care. Chiropractic Frisco

Common Questions

At Express Chiropractic of Frisco it is our goal to provide our community members with access to safe, effective and affordable wellness chiropractic care.

At Express Chiropractic of Frisco, we know that getting your spine back in shape takes time as it did not get that way overnight.  Our ultimate goal is to get you to come in once or twice a month but initially, you may require more chiropractic care up front. At Express Chiropractic of Frisco, we understand the choice for how much care you need is ultimately between you as the patient and your chiropractor recommending the care, not an insurance company or third-party payor who has no interest in your overall health.

Promoting and sustaining your spinal health is not a quick-fix, but rather a long-term investment in your health and wellness.

What Services does Express Chiropractic of Frisco provide?

Express Chiropractic of Frisco currently provides chiropractic services.  However, we plan on adding a massage therapist in the immediate future.

By offering wellness and maintenance chiropractic services, the only condition diagnosed at Express Chiropractic of Frisco is that of Vertebral Subluxation Complex (VSC).  VSC is when the bones in the spine become misaligned which affects joint motion in a region.  This decreased joint motion can put pressure on the surrounding areas leading to inflammation and swelling in the area.  The goal is to provide a chiropractic adjustment to the affected joint and restore proper alignment and movement to the joint system.

What is Muscle Relief Therapy (MRT)?

Muscle Relief Therapy is a massage provided to the particular regions of your body where you most need it.  The amount of pressure applied is different for every individual and will be performed to your specific tolerance level.  There are several different types of muscle relief therapy and the doctor will work with the massage therapist to find out which is right for you.  Below are examples of massage that may be used on you:

  • Myofascial Release:  The goal of myofascial release is to “lengthen and loosen” specific tense muscles.
  • Trigger Point Therapy: When muscles get injured there can be a build-up of inflammation, swelling, toxins and harmful chemicals.  These feel like “knots” in certain areas.  By providing pressure to these trigger points it can break up the adhesions causing them to release.
  • PNF Stretching: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is a specific type of stretching which helps the affected muscles to become elongated and relaxed.

How does an Adjustment work?

A chiropractic adjustment is a precisely applied manipulation to a joint in the body.  This can be done using a chiropractor’s hands or with state of the art adjusting instruments.  Many people think chiropractors only work on the spine, but adjustments can also be applied any joint throughout the body including; shoulders, wrists, ankles and more!

What exactly is Chiropractic & is it safe for me?

The term “Chiropractic” is of Greek origin and simply means “done by hands.”  The science of chiropractic has officially been around since 1895 and has become an integral part of many people’s mainstream healthcare.  While chiropractic can help with pain, it is much more than that.  Many patients notice additional positive benefits such as improved posture, more energy, better sleep and a whole host of healthy side effects.

The safety of chiropractic care has been well documented it is still important to let your chiropractor know of any pre-existing conditions you may suffer from as an up to date health history is of utmost importance.

What about my Insurance?

With the ever changing healthcare industry at Express Chiropractic of Frisco, our goal is to remove the necessity of utilizing insurance as our pricing structure is almost always below that of most patients copays and deductibles.

Why is Wellness or Maintenance Care right for me?

We all have our past injuries whether it was an auto accident, sports trauma, slip and fall or any other major life event, but we also do things on a daily basis that wears your spine and body down over time.  In our current day and age things like sitting at your computer for too long, staring at your phone or tablet, having poor posture and a multitude of other common daily events can cause increased stress and muscle tension on your spine.

The purpose of wellness or maintenance based chiropractic care is to help your spine deal with the everyday stresses that are put on your body.  By getting regular spinal checkups and keeping your spine in proper alignment it can help you increase not only your spinal health but your overall health and wellness.

Regular chiropractic care alone cannot keep your health at its optimal level.  It is important to also eat a proper diet and get regular exercise!

Our goal at Express Chiropractic of Frisco is to help you optimise your overall health by keeping you and your spine healthy.  Make sure to find out from your chiropractor which spinal maintenance plan may work best for you and your family.