The chiropractic community is always striving toward greatness. With so many amazing practitioners and new research studies, chiropractic is continuing to evolve.  Parker Seminars is where Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, and other health care professionals can go to stay current on all of the new information and techniques from the greatest minds in their field. 

Parker University

These educational Seminars are held at Parker Chiropractic University in Dallas, TX. The founder of Parker University, Dr. James Parker, believed in personal responsibility and self-actualization. He established a set of principles that continue to guide the school today, on a campus steeped in tradition but encouraging innovation. These qualities provide the perfect stage for the top wellness professionals to gather. To find out more about Parker University check out their website.

Parker Seminars 2019 “Mastery”

Every year, chiropractors and other certified healthcare professionals come to Dallas to share information and create a closer bond within the community. Some of the most exciting speakers at Parker Seminars 2019 are Joseph Mercola and Craig Liebenson. If these are names you have never heard before, we encourage you to check out their work! They have been instrumental in the progression and effectiveness of natural healthcare. 

Your Express Chiropractic Team

The staff from all of our Express Chiropractic locations are coming together this weekend to master our craft! Parker Seminars provide some of the most advanced and comprehensive continuing education courses out there. Taking the time to improve our skills can equip us to improve our effectiveness in the field. We are excited to increase our knowledge to better serve our Express Community. 

Parker Seminars 2019 is October 4th-6th, so we will be out of the office on Saturday, October 5th. We will be back and ready to go, with regular hours on Monday, October 7th! 

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