Your nervous system controls everything your body does!  Interference with it can lead to widespread problems throughout your body.

Anatomy of the nervous system

Your nervous system is made up of several components.  The first is the brain.  This is the control center for every bodily process your body performs.  So yeah, it is pretty important.

Next is your spinal cord.  This is the main cable connected to the brain which runs down your spine.  At intersections of your spine, the spinal cord breaks off into specific spinal nerves.  The spinal nerves then travel to various parts of your body as smaller nerves.

Your nervous system is an intricate web of components that all work together at ridiculous speeds to relay information to and from every part of your body.  It truly is amazing!

Nerve interference

Nerves can be affected in numerous ways.  They can be severed, cut, pinched and so on and the more the damage to the nerve the less information (or any information at all ) can get back to the brain through the spinal cord.  Paralysis is an example of when the nerve is cut.  When it comes to pinched nerves there are different types.  One of which can be when the nerve is pinched by a muscle.

Chiropractic subluxation

This is when a nerve has pressure put on it by misaligned spinal bones.  This may go undetected for long periods of time before it leads to symptoms.  Some symptoms include pain, numbness, weakness, joint problems, headaches and others.  This is why it is important to get checked by a trained chiropractor who handles these types of nerve problems.

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