You have probably heard me say it to you several times if you have seen me at Express Chiropractic of Frisco…ICE!  Why do I prefer ice versus heat?

Ice is nice

When prescribing cold therapy to patients I tend to get looks of dismay due to the fact that many people do not like the way ice feels initially.  I get it cold is hard to do especially in the winter.  Heat would be a much easier alternative.  The problem is they do not do the same thing and ice is usually more beneficial.

I tell my patients to think of it this way…what do elite athletes usually do after a game or practice?  They usually use an ice-pack or take an ice-bath.  To me, if someone worth millions of dollars uses cold therapy then it is probably the best thing for my patients (and myself) to use with an injury.

Ice vs. heat debate

In my opinion, if you aren’t sure which therapy to use, cold is better than warm in most cases.  When icing an area you constrict (close down) the blood vessels so it helps pump out inflammation and swelling.  Heat, on the other hand, dilates (opens up) blood vessels which brings more fluid into the area.

With most injuries, it is usually not just one part of the body affected.  The joints, muscles, nerves, bones, and other structures all tend to be impacted.  The surrounding areas take on additional swelling and inflammation.  This is where the pain response gets initiated. If you were suffering from just a tight or pulled muscle heat would work, but like I said it is usually more than one area having an issue.

What else to do when injured

Musculoskeletal injuries, whether they are micro or macro traumas (repetitive/overuse vs. bigger traumas), affect us all.  So what can you do to help recover faster?

  • Start with ice
  • Compression (if applicable)
  • Elevation (if applicable)
  • Rest
  • Do some simple, pain-free stretching
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat well
  • Stay moving in pain-free motions
  • Get adjusted by a chiropractor

The last one is where we specialize here at Express Chiropractic of Frisco.  We can also help with other tips and tricks regarding, stretches, eating, supplements and so on.  So if you are looking for a chiropractor in Frisco, Plano, McKinney, Prosper, The Colony, or other surrounding locations, look no further.  Call us at (469) 362-5711 or just stop on by!  We look forward to seeing you soon!