Our new, amazing tool, the VibraCussor, will help us make your time spent in our office even more efficient.  Especially on those tight and taut muscles!

Benefits of the VibraCussor

Many of you have heard us talk about the scar tissue build up in the muscles and soft tissues of the body. These adhesions can form over time through overuse or injury. The formation of scar tissue is the body’s attempt at healing damaged tendons and ligaments. However, because of the nature of scar tissue, this very healing process becomes the culprit in perpetuating pain and dysfunction. Because of the poor blood supply to these tissues, the problem often does not resolve but increases. This can lead to myofascial pain syndromes and postural distortion. We are excited to add the VibraCussor to our tool kit allowing us to tackle these adhesions and get you back to feeling your best!

Our fun new tool, the VibraCussor, can help us isolate the precise adhesions causing pain and dysfunction, in a gentle and efficient way. Many chronic soft tissue injuries that had been thought to be permanent are now responding to this tool. The piston-style percussive force that the VibraCussor provides is the key to this success.

With the combination of the VibraCussor and our Muscle Relief Therapy (MRT) we aim to –

  • RELAX Tense Muscles
  • RESTORE Joint Motion
  • REDUCE Post-exertion Muscle Soreness
  • RELEASE Superficial and Deep Fascia
  • FREE Adhesions and Scar Tissue!

Some areas the VibraCussor works great on are:

  • Along the entire spine in the paraspinal muscles
  • In the upper trapezius where many people hold their stress
  • On the IT bands which can be especially tight in runners and athletes
  • The hamstrings which tend to be tight with prolonged sitting
  • Around the forearms and elbows due to overuse
  • The calves which can be a little tough when being massaged by hand
  • And almost anywhere else where you have tight, taut, or tender muscle fibers

Come by the office to experience the VibraCussor in action as we work to craft your 10-minute MRT session to fit your health and wellness needs!

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