Neck pain and headaches is on the rise!

The main culprit?


We are addicted to our phones, tablets, and computers. A Kaiser Family Foundation research survey Tech neckshowed that children between 8 and 18 spend over 7.5 hours using entertainment media daily!

(and adults aren’t much better!)

That extra time spent with the head bent forward doesn’t come without consequences.

As a matter of fact, even just an extra 30 degrees of forward bend takes your head from being a 12 lb. to 40 lb. structure.

Now that’s a lot of extra strain on your neck and pressure on your spine.

The Result

According to the Mayo Clinic, this long-term forward head posture can lead to long-term muscle strain, disc herniations, and pinched nerves along with spinal bone misalignment.

Associated symptoms may be headaches, neck pain, computer fatigue, jaw pain and pain across your upper back.

The Solution

The first step is to just get away from the devices for longer periods. However, this day in age that is more of a fantasy than reality.

So, for the real world…

First, proper posture is vital when using these devices and chances are the posture you hold now is not the right one.

Try radically changing your posture. For example, try putting your feet up and leaning back or hold the device higher so you can reduce some of the forward flexion of your neck.

A more advanced method to improve the position or posture of your spine is to roll up a towel into a cylinder and place it behind your neck as a ‘towel roll’ while you are laying on your back. Whether on or off your device this is a great position to put your spine in on occasion because it puts it back into the proper ‘forward C-shape’ position.

Second, try to counter the effects of the forward head position by doing exercises that strengthen the back of the neck. Simple posture strengthening exercises such as tucking the chin and taking the head straight back in a pumping motion (think of someone bringing a spider towards your face) can work wonders for not only loosening stuck joints but help to strengthen the muscles around the spine.

If you are already suffering with the symptoms noted above, you may need to fix the damage that has already been done. If your spinal bones are already out of proper alignment then you need to get your spine back to where it should be.

Spinal bones can be getting stuck and out of proper position without you even knowing it… but once the pain finally shows up, typically it is already going to require a string of adjustments to loosen the joints back up.

If left untreated the consequences can be dire including premature deterioration of spinal joints leading to early onset arthritis of the spine.

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