No one deserves to be in pain, yet many of us are.  Pain can affect you in many different ways.  What it feels like, where it is, where it goes differs in all of us.  It can be chronic, acute or intermittent.  It can be debilitating, intense, annoying and frustrating.  But did you know pain actually serves an important purpose?  It is a warning sign that something is wrong in your body!

Pain is a symptom

Without pain how would you know if you were injured?  How would you know if you touched a hot stove and to remove your hand?  You wouldn’t!  The good (and somewhat bad) news is that our bodies are equipped with pain receptors.  These receptors, when affected, take the information to the brain via nerves to let us consciously know that something is wrong.  Without them, we would be in trouble.

Nobody likes to hurt

Pain manifests in all shapes and sizes.  From recent injuries to chronic conditions, the discomfort can be a big struggle to deal with.  It may cause you to miss work, or not be able to play with your children, affect your daily living, take away your independence, get you hooked on some nasty pain meds and the list goes on and on.  So what should you do?

Treat the symptoms at the cause

Medications may help initially but a lot of the times they act to cover up the symptoms.  More and more research is coming out that opioids and other strong drugs are not usually the best course of action.  Not only do they have some bad side effects but they can become very addicting and ruin lives in other ways.  Alternative treatments are gaining more and more popularity.  Chiropractic care is one of those treatment options for neuromusculoskeletal problems as chiropractors attempt to treat the condition at it’s root cause.

Chiropractic care

By using treatment options like spinal manipulation, myofascial work, traction, active and passive modalities, stretching, strengthening, and diet and nutrition, chiropractors take a more natural approach with decreased side effects.  Chiropractors are typically known to work on the spine but many also work on other joints in the body.  To find out if chiropractic is the right choice for your symptoms give us a call at (469) 362-5711 to schedule and appointment or just stop on by and see us!  We would love to find out if we can help you!

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