Hey, just wanted to let you know that we now have massage on Thursday!

Jamie will be in the office for MRT during the following days & times:

Express Chiropractic Massage

Monday: 10-1 & 3-7
Tuesday: 10-1 & 3-7
Wednesday: 10-1 & 3-7
Thursday: 3-7
Saturday: 9-1

That just means the only day that we do not offer massage is on Friday mornings.

If you have not met Jamie yet or given her massage skills a try you should!  She is an excellent massage therapist and our patients are already loving her!

MRT (Muscle Relief Therapy) is a problem-focused combination of trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage and stretching of overly tight muscles.

If you would like additional time just ask.  As long as no one is waiting it is just an additional $10 for 10 minutes.

Focused massage goes hand in hand (pun intended) with your chiropractic adjustments.  It helps to release tight muscles and adhesions which allows your body to start to relax and heal.

We have updated our hours on our website calendar and on our Frisco Express App (which you can download in the app store, search for ‘Express Chiropractic’)

We can’t wait to see you soon for your adjustment and massage!

Yours in health,

Dr. Mike