Drop Table Technique – Part 3 of 5 on How We Adjust at Express Chiropractic of Frisco.  In our next topic in our 5 part series, we will take a look at how we adjust using drop table technique.

What is drop table technique?

Drop Table Technique was developed by Dr. J. Clay Thompson.  As with any adjusting style, the goal is to improve joint motion and function.  This, in turn, can help take pressure off the surrounding structures (muscles, nerves, etc.) and help reduce symptoms.

How does drop table work?

How the drop table works is that a piece of our table “drops” or “breaks away” as pressure is applied by the chiropractor to the affected area.  This allows the joint to move in a specific way to restore joint motion and get the area moving better.

When using the drop table you may hear a loud “bang” but don’t worry.  It is the table making the noise, not your bones!  You usually do not hear the audible “pop” or “crack” as you do with some of the other chiropractic adjustments.  But you may feel the joint move a bit in the area we are working on.

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What part of the spine do we usually work on with drop table?

The most common area that we use drop table technique at Express Chiropractic of Frisco is in the lumbar and sacral spine and the pelvis (hips).  I find the drop table less invasive than doing certain other adjustments on the lumbosacral spine.  This is especially important when a patient comes in experiencing acute symptoms or a flare-up.  Sometimes you are too tight or sore to do other types of adjusting so the drop table is a great tool for us to use.

A big thing we look at when evaluating the spine is your leg length.  This gives us lots of information on what may potentially causing issues in the lumbosacral and pelvic part of your spine.  There is a neurological connection with the reticular system of the brain that may show imbalance if this area is affected.

How long does it take to fix me?

As with most adjustments, it is not always a quick fix.  While you may experience some relief right away it often takes several visits to actually correct the problem.  This is similar to working out or physical therapy.  Your body requires repetition to retrain the affected joint segments to start holding properly.  It usually takes some time to unwind what you have wound up so tight.  With that being said symptoms usually start to fade relatively quickly.  But our goal as wellness chiropractic office is to correct that problem and keep you healthy!

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