The human brain is awesome!  It controls everything we do in our body.  But when there is interference it can cause problems throughout.  So how does chiropractic work between the body and brain?

How chiropractic affects the communication between  brain and body

As stated before the brain is in charge of everything we do.  All bodily processes have to be sent from the brain to the body and also vice versa.  The brain has to be able to perceive the messages returning from the body.

So when there is an interruption in the signals being transmitted either way we have a problem.

In the spine, when vertebrae get out of alignment, or subluxated, it can put pressure on the nerve affecting communication.  So instead of having proper function, we can now have “dis” function.  Instead of ease throughout the body, we can now have “dis” ease.  Instated of being healthy, we may become ill.  And instead of feeling good we may be feeling bad.

This nerve interference can cause all sorts of symptoms.  It can cause pain in your neck, lower back, upper back, headaches, and migraines.  It can cause numbness, tingling, and burning throughout your body.  When the nerves are affected all sorts of conditions are possible.

So it is important to maintain proper spinal alignment and healthy to keep the nerve interference minimal and your body functioning at its best.

This is what chiropractic does.  Get the joints and bones properly moving and aligned taking the pressure off the nerves.

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