Most people think chiropractors only work on the spine.  While that is generally true, there are many areas we can adjust and move including the extremities.

Why adjust the extremities?

The extremities have joints, just like the joints in your spine.  They can also get misaligned and put pressure on the surrounding structures.  This can lead to pain, dysfunction, entrapments of the nerves and other problems.

The most common extremities to get adjusted at Express Chiropractic of Frisco would probably have to be shoulders, wrists/hands, ankles/feet, the hips, and the TMJ.

Just like within the spine, it can take several adjustments for these areas to get moving, much less realigned.  So it can take some time to start noticing improvements in symptoms and functionality.

How do chiropractors adjust the extremities?

Like in the spine, there are many different ways to adjust the specific areas.  The adjustment can be done manually with the chiropractor using their hands.  The chiropractor may use different instruments to provide the specific correction to the area.  In our office, we have two different types of adjusting instruments including the Activator and Arthrostim, both of which provide light pressure into the joint.

I’m sure there are other ways to adjust it, but that is how we do it in our facility in Frisco.

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