Want to Sleep Better?  Try Adding Plants to Your Bedroom

You probably know that plants provide many benefits including; nutritional benefits, healing properties, increased air quality, increased mood, they look great as well as other perks.  But did you know they may be able to help you sleep better?  Listed below are 5 great plants to put in your bedroom which may help you improve your sleep.

Aloe Vera

The most versatile plant on the list.  Aloe can be used in many different ways.  You can snip a piece off and use it on burns, blisters or minor wounds to help decrease pain and aid in the healing process.  As far as sleep goes, according to NASA it is one of the best plants at increasing indoor air quality.  By improving air quality and increasing oxygen it can help with sleep and insomnia.


Lavender is often used in many different products like lotions, shampoos, soaps, sprays, etc. especially, in baby products.  This is because the smell of lavender can reduce anxiety and slow down your heart rate.  As an added bonus most people love the way it smells!


Similar to lavender the smell of jasmine is said to help reduce anxiety and have a calming effect which can
help the body relax and get to sleep easier.

English Ivy

Another great air purifier, English ivy can help with respiratory conditions like asthma.  It has also been shown to even help reduce mold in a room by up to 94%!

Snake Plant

Snake plants not only look very cool but are functional as well.  By increasing oxygen while you are in bed catching zzz’s it will help to reduce carbon dioxide and toxins in your bedroom.

For even more information about these plants, the research behind them, and to see what they look like, CLICK HERE.

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