In the second part of how we adjust at Express Chiropractic of Frisco, we will look into how we use instrument adjusting aka Arthrostim adjusting to align your spine.

What is instrument adjusting?

Arthrostim adjusting is a type of spinal adjustment is when a chiropractor uses an instrument or tool in place of their hands to adjust the spine.  The goal, as with any adjustment is to increase joint motion and movement.  This can in turn help reduce pressure on the surrounding structures including the joints, muscles, other soft tissues, nerves, etc. By improving motion and reducing the misaligned vertebrae or joint it may also help reduce symptoms you are experiencing. This may include low back pain, headaches, tingling, numbness, and so on.

There are many types of adjusting instruments. The main tool we use in our office is called the Arthrostim.

Arthrostim Chiropractor

How does Arthrostim adjusting work?

The Arthrostim is a wonderful adjusting instrument that provides very quick and efficient, rapid impulses into the spinal joints.  These specific adjustments are used on the stuck joints that I find in your spine.  Just like with a regular, hands-on diversified adjustment, the goal is to provide mobility back into the joint.  Thus allowing reduced restriction of the vertebral subluxation (fancy word for stuck or misaligned vertebrae).

The rapid impulses help to unlock the stuck bones as well as break up some of the adhesions from scar tissue and soft tissue dysfunction.

My patients have several names for the Arthrostim.  Some include “the woodpecker,” “the jackhammer,” “the thumper,” or “the machine gun.”  These names all stem from the sound the instrument makes.  The good news is that I can control how deep or light the pressure is which can also alter the sound.

The even better news is that most people love the way it feels.  In fact, many people ask if they can borrow it or buy one!  (Unfortunately, you can’t as you need a chiropractic license to operate it).

You will notice that when I use the instrument I may have you move and turn in different positions to help realign the spine and work on some postural dysfunction as well.  There is a ton we can do with this type of adjustment to get your spine moving and functioning better.

Do you use Arthrostim adjusting on everyone?

As with each patient every case is different.  We always do a full consultation, history, and an evaluation to see if you are a good fit for our office’s type of chiropractic wellness services.  Once we have an idea of what is going on in your spine we will also determine and discuss the best treatment options and plan for you specifically.

This may include a variety of adjusting techniques that we will continue to discuss in further blog posts. Every patient and case is different so we just want to make sure we use what works best for you!

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