A New Year, A New You!!!

2016 has come and gone and now it’s 2017…it’s time for you to get rid of your bad habits and start fresh with some new good ones!

Below is a simple guide to get you on the right track this year.

Start Small: Don’t go crazy! Cutting out your favorite junk foods cold-turkey or waking up to go to they gym at 5am in the morning is not how you want to do it.  You and your body are not accustomed to this and you will likely get frustrated and stop pretty quickly.  Start slow and let yourself get used to the new changes.

For example if you normally drink two sodas a day cut it down to one. This will be more ‘manageable than trying to eliminate it altogether. If you are going to start going for a walk or even going to the gym, start at 2-3 days per week and eventually increase it from there.

If you start with small changes you will allow yourself to stay committed both physically and mentally. You will increase your odds for having long term success. This will give you a sense of accomplishment and lays down the foundation on which you can build even bigger changes.

Tell a Friend: For many people, letting others know what you are doing will help to increase your odds of sticking with your goals. This is due to the fact that no one wants to be seen as a ‘failure’ in the eyes of their family and friends.

Make sure you only share your mission with those who will support it. Those who do not practice healthy habits will make it harder for you to succeed. If you don’t have a positive influence to share it with, keep it to yourself. When you start to change and become an awesome new you, they will know!

Be the Inspiration: Look, if you are living in a house where exercise is not common place but sugary foods and drinks are, you will have a difficult road to becoming healthier. You need to be the driving force that sets the standard of health and wellness. Take charge and be the one to inspire those around you to improve their lives.

You can not only change your life, but those around you.  You can create an additional driving force that will keep you on track – other people depending on you for guidance.  Motivation is key!

The reality is that your health is in your hands.  You make your own decisions and own your life.

Use the New Year as a time to make a change. Just understand that radical and emphatic rarely lasts. Try slow and methodical… you might be surprised at the results!  I believe in you!

Dr. Mike

Your Express Frisco Chiropractor