There are 3 main types of stress put on your body on a daily basis. You have probably experienced stress on numerous of occasions but how does it actually affect your health and well-being?

Physical Stress

Simply put, these are the traumas your body experiences on a daily basis.  They can be big injuries (macro-traumas) or smaller events (micro-traumas).

As far as macro-traumas think car accidents, slips, falls, or any other major type of injuries that cause severe damage to the body.

Micro-traumas include poor posture, repetitive motions, sitting for long periods, improper movements and things we do on a daily basis.  They are things we don’t always think about.  These can actually be the scarier ones as they start causing the body to break down without you knowing it until it may be too late.  They are similar to heart disease.  In heart disease the arteries start to get clogged then over time it gets to the point where the whole artery is clogged.  This event can then trigger a heart attack.  The same thing is true with micro-traumas to the spine.  The spine starts to break down and degenerate and can lead to all sorts of spinal issues.

Chemical Stress

This type of stress comes in all shapes and sizes.  The foods you eat, the cleaners you use and the air you breathe all contain chemicals.  Some of this is beyond your control but some you have a say in.

Eating more organic foods with little to no pesticides is an easy fix.  Meats without hormones and antibiotics, as well as eggs that are humanely raised, can reduce the chemical count you put into your body.

Using more natural cleaners without the harsh additives and chemicals will decrease toxin exposure.

Avoiding chemical-filled air fresheners and instead switching to natural essential oils will help improve air quality.  Also, adding real plants around the house to help filter the air not only looks nice but is beneficial.

Reducing the medications you take can also take some of them chemical stress off the body.  This can be done by eating healthier, exercising, drinking more water, losing weight and seeing a chiropractor.

Emotional Stress

This is probably the most common stress you encounter on a daily basis.  Happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, worry and so on and so forth.  You deal with issues regarding money, family, work and tons of other things that lead to certain emotions.

When that stress becomes chronic and not managed properly it can start negatively impacting your body.  The hormone cortisol is released over time can affect your body in numerous ways.  Weight gain, problems sleeping, reduced energy, diabetes, heart disease and even osteoporosis can occur.

It is important you take steps to reduce your emotion stress.  Exercising such as going for a walk with a loved one is a great way.  Yoga, meditation, reading (positive things), and art are a great way to calm the mind and reduce stress.

If you need help managing your stress come talk to Dr. Vilello at Express Chiropractic of Frisco.