Many people now have jobs where they sit for long periods of time.  This is terrible for your spine and some are even calling sitting the new smoking.  So what are some spinal tips you can use to help your spine while at the workplace?

Spinal Tip #1 – Get up and move more frequently

I know this is easier said than done, but I am talking about getting up for a minute or two.  The easiest way to do this is set an alarm on your phone for every 30 minutes.  This will remind you to get up and move.  Take a mini-walk, go get a drink of water, stretch a little.  Do whatever you have to do to stop your body from being stuck in one position for prolonged periods of time.  This will also reset your posture when you go back to sit at your desk.  So instead of being in a slumped position, you should be closer to a neutral position.

Spinal Tip #2 – Reposition your workspace

If you are able, try to change your desk to be more ergonomic.  Raise or lower your chair, reposition your monitor,

keyboard, etc. so that you are looking and sitting straight without too much slumping and slouching.  Some workplaces have someone you can talk to about making your space more ergonomic.  Also, check and see what options you have available to you through your company.  Standing desks, keyboard wrist protectors, lumbar supports, and other items may be available for you to use.

Spinal Tip #3 – Desk stretches and meditation

There are many stretches you can do while sitting at your desk.  This link has some great ideas about stretches you can do at your desk and shows you how to do them.  When you are taking your mini-breaks throughout the day, another thing you can do is add some deep breathing.  Close your eyes and take deep breaths, really focusing on your breathing and relaxing your mind and body.  This will help to decrease your stress levels allowing your muscles and spine to calm down.  Just be careful not to fall asleep!

We all need to take breaks and focus on our well-being throughout the day.  While these spinal tips can be helpful in the workplace they do not fix everything.  You still need to regularly exercise, eat well, get good rest, stay hydrated, and get adjusted!

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Stay healthy at your workplace and we hope to see you soon!