You don’t have to be an adult to benefit from massage therapy. Young adults and kids can benefit greatly from regular massage care. Children undergo a ton of physical, social and emotional changes during their teenage years. It is no wonder their bodies are always dealing with stress. Adolescent massage therapy can assist with everything from stress management to sports injury prevention.


Any parent with a teenager gets a glimpse of the many stressors of junior high and high school. Social pressures, dating, tests, and decisions about their future are all common contributors to high stress levels.

Adolescent massage therapy helps to activate the relaxation (parasympathetic) response in the body. This can help regulate hormones and release positive endorphins into the bloodstream. Both responses contribute to better, more positive moods and lower stress levels. Lower stress levels can also help improve overall immune function and keep your child healthy.

Poor Posture

Sitting in hard plastic chairs for almost 7 hours a day can contribute to poor posture and neck or back pain. This is especially true while your child is growing. A focused massage can help relax the built-up tension.  This allows the muscles to handle the strain better and may reduce pain and postural issues.

Sports Injuries

Regular physical activity is a great way to help reduce stress levels in adolescents. Participating in sports is a positive and constructive outlet for excess energy and stress after sitting in a classroom all day. Unfortunately, participation in sports comes with its own concerns. Specifically, repetitive use injuries, sprains, strains and other sports related injuries. Many of these injuries may be prevented or helped with massage therapy.

Adolescent massage therapy has been shown to help with developing youth. Massage can help with coordination and it can also help increase efficiency in muscle activity.  This allows the body to move the way it is designed to. These responses can help increase athletic performance and reduce risk of injury.

Focused Massage at Express Chiropractic of Frisco

Massage therapy can be a valuable addition to the healthcare of adolescents. It is a useful tool to help promote their overall health and wellness.  For more information about the benefits of massage therapy in teens and adolescents click here.

Everyone can benefit from regular massage care. To find out more about the benefits of massage in adults check out this link.

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