The foods you put into your body affect everything you do.  If you put good foods in your body can function and perform its necessary functions.  If you put bad foods in it’s just the opposite and your body will have a hard time working well.  Below are 3 great superfoods to help your body be at its best.

1. Eggs

Eggs are great for you in so many ways.  It is recommended to eat organic, pasture-raised eggs as they have less chance of having additional chemicals.  Eggs are a great source of protein, amino acids, choline (which is great for your nervous system), healthy fats, B12, and other nutritious ingredients.  Plus there are so many different ways to eat them and they are relatively inexpensive!

2. Coconut OilSuper foods

You have probably heard of numerous health benefits of coconut oil and there are a ton!  It is great for your skin, hair, it has natural antibacterial and antiviral properties, and the list goes on and on.  As far as a food it is a healthy fat that can be used as a cooking oil.  It does not break down as easily as some other oils and when used can aid in weight loss and helping to normalize your good cholesterol (HDL’s) and your bad cholesterol (LDL’s).  Again, organic coconut oil is recommended to avoid any additional ingredients.

3. Onions

Onions are an easy way to add flavor to any meal without breaking the bank.  They are high in antioxidants which help to fight disease in the body.  Recent research has shown that onions have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties as well.

Your body is your car, your food is your fuel

Think of your body like your vehicle.  If you forget to put gas in it, change the oil, neglect it, have broken down parts and wear and tear it cannot function properly.  When you don’t have proper nutrition your body suffers and will start to break down.  You may not feel it initially but eventually, it will happen.  That is why it is so important to eat healthy foods as often as possible.  Your spine is the same.  Neglect it and it will breakdown.  Chiropractic can help will this process and if you are looking for one in Frisco, check us out at Express Chiropractic of Frisco.

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