Sometimes it can feel like your mental and physical health is neglected, life is rough on all sides, and your goals seem difficult to achieve. Know that you are not alone; this happens to everyone. Fortunately, you can change a few things to better yourself and improve your life.

Negativity does not have to be your life. Have you heard of the saying “good things come in sevens?” Below we will discuss seven habits to improve your life today. Let’s take a drive together!

1. Get Adjusted

Your spinal cord is a highway of information needed to keep every cell of your body functioning correctly. The spinal bones are the protectors of that highway, and a small malposition can significantly inhibit the flow of information. An adjustment from your chiropractor should help realign any stressed posture and even trauma that can pull or push the spinal bones out of place.

2. Exercise

Remember that everything from gardening to marathoning will keep the body moving. No excuses, there has to be something that you enjoy doing. If you have arthritis and sore joints, it’s even more critical, but try some softer forms of exercise like swimming, pilates, or tai chi.

3. Eat Right

Remember that what you eat is fuel for your body. You wouldn’t pour orange juice into the gas tank of your car. It matters just as much what you put into your body. Your body is a machine, and it is up to you how you take care of it. Remember, you are playing for keeps. It is very accurate that you are what you eat. Drinking more water is an easy first step in the right direction. We recommend that you drink half your body weight in ounces.

4. Healthy Thinking, The Mind/Body Connection

More and more research is proving that our health goes in the direction of our thoughts. Some cancers are much more prevalent in people who have suffered a loss, are angry, or feel helpless. Wounds heal quicker in people with happy marriages. GET POSITIVE, RELAX, and do AFFIRMATIONS every day. Your life could depend on it.

5. Fix Those Unhealthy Habits

Over 90% of all visits to a Physician’s office are for problems and diseases related to lifestyle. Americans choose to be ill by the way we live. Some simple things can help. Stop smoking, get away from sugar, turn off the television, pay up your sleep debt, love and be loved.

6. Build a Wellness Team

Whatever your health needs are, build a team of professionals that can be supportive and give guidance. Your doctor, personal trainer, chiropractor, massage therapist, and nutritionist need to be people aware of your goals and supportive of them. Begin making those calls!

7. Finally, Practice, Practice, Practice

Eliminate the word ‘try’ from your vocabulary. Do three things:
– Decide to change.
– Act “as if” you have made the change already.
– Work on it every day.

Taking the steps to improve your life is not easy.  You can step up to your greatness, or you can default to the weakness. Decide to succeed. Do away with distractions and meet the challenge. Begin these seven life changes today, and before long you will see a definite difference in your health and attitude.

For additional ways to improve your life check out this link.

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