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Chelsea DiDonato, D.O.

It was 5 days before my wedding, I couldn’t walk and I could barely sit. As a physician, I felt like I had the solution at my fingertips. From Sports Medicine colleagues to prescription strength pain medication, nothing had helped and I thought I exhausted my treatment options. And then Dr. V treated me. He went out of his way to give me as many treatments as I needed (which was a lot!) and on the day of my wedding I was completely pain free.

Since that day three years ago, I have been a firm believer in and advocate for chiropractic care. Above that, I advocate for Dr. V, not just as that patient with low back pain, but also as a physician.

Amanda Ehrgood-Perry, O.D.

I have been a faithful patient of Dr. Vilello for four years. I suffered from neck pain and daily headaches due to positioning in my job as an Optometrist. Dr. Vilello began treating me and I felt the results immediately. Now with consistent care, I am headache-free! I am so grateful for Dr. V!


Alison Finnigan

I have been a patient of Dr. Vilello’s for over four years. He is very knowledgeable and thorough. When I first started seeing him, he made sure to really educate me on how chiropractic treatment would help. Dr. V is caring and listens to your needs. He goes above and beyond to make sure you feel relief after receiving an adjustment.

As a chiropractic patient for many years, I would absolutely recommend Frisco Relief Chiropractic to others because of the benefits of chiropractic care and Dr. Vilello’s approach to treating the whole patient.