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Chiropractic Frisco, TX
Chiropractic Frisco, TX

Finally… Convenient Chiropractic for the Entire Family

Finally… Convenient Chiropractic for the

Entire Family

Express Chiropractic Frisco® was founded from a singular purpose… making effective, convenient and affordable chiropractic and massage care available to everyone.

We know your time and money are valuable and so we work hard to ensure you receive efficient high quality care that exceeds your expectations – not just on the first visit, but every visit.

At Express Chiropractic & Wellness of Frisco…

We are open until 7pm most days and even have Saturday hours

Care is provided by licensed massage therapists and chiropractors

An appointment is never needed

Health insurance is not accepted but prices are lower than most copays

So whether you are seeking regular chiropractic care as part of your wellness and prevention lifestyle, need help with a current condition or just want to discover if chiropractic is the right fit for you, your Express Frisco Chiropractor and Massage Therapist may be the solution.

You can pay per visit or join our Wellness Club for full chiropractor access for you and your family at our Frisco chiropractic office. There are no expensive long-term care plans or contracts – just another part of our commitment to making it easy and convenient to add chiropractic care as part of your wellness lifestyle.


[Because of our convenient location on the Southeast corner at the intersection of Lebanon Rd. and Ohio, Express Chiropractic Frisco also serves as a Prosper Chiropractor, Plano Chiropractor and The Colony Chiropractor and Massage option.]